Why PSLF is For Us

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Public Service Loan Forgiveness, also known as PSLF, is a program for removing student debt for those that work full-time in public service.

In essence: work 10-years full time at a public service organization (generally a 501(c)3 not-for-profit or government agency) and any remaining balance on your loans is forgiven!

So is this program for everyone? No, but we’ve decided that this is the right plan for us.

So how are we approaching it and how are we mitigating risk?

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How a Student Loan Consultant is Saving us Thousands a Month

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Ah student loans, the millennial’s persistent foe.

This may sound trite, but make no mistake, student loans are no joke. The problem is especially so if one goes to graduate school, where the greater number of years of borrowing and the much higher tuition costs make getting an education one of the most expensive things someone can acquire in the US.

We too fell into this position with my wife attending medical school and neither of our families being in the position to pay for our schooling out of pocket. All together, we have approximately $340,000 of student loan debt.

So what has helped us tackle this formidable foe? Well, we got a student loan consultant.

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