Why I Won’t Ever Have a Garage Sale

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Growing up, my family hosted a garage sale nearly every year. In fact, it became such a big-to-do, that they’d co-hosted it with other families into a 3-4 family garage sale extravaganza!

Only problem is? Man, those things were a load of work.

Although, it’s in vogue now to have a pop-up shop, ya know, a place where a company puts together a new mini-store or restaurant for a limited-time only. That’s exactly what a garage sale is. Except instead of being for some cute kids clothes or yoga pants, it’s of…your old stuff.

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How we automate our life: Credit Cards – Capital One App

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I thought for this one, I’d make this into a bit of a “How-to”, so to speak. Everybody loves a little bit of action, no?

I wanted to continue my earlier posts on automating your life — making sure the essential gets done based on a one-time decision and then never having to worry about it again.

The decision my wife and I made was: We’re going to use credit cards and pay them off every month. So why not automate this decision?

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How a Student Loan Consultant is Saving us Thousands a Month

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Ah student loans, the millennial’s persistent foe.

This may sound trite, but make no mistake, student loans are no joke. The problem is especially so if one goes to graduate school, where the greater number of years of borrowing and the much higher tuition costs make getting an education one of the most expensive things someone can acquire in the US.

We too fell into this position with my wife attending medical school and neither of our families being in the position to pay for our schooling out of pocket. All together, we have approximately $340,000 of student loan debt.

So what has helped us tackle this formidable foe? Well, we got a student loan consultant.

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Finance Library Starter Pack

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A good personal finance connoisseur, that is, someone who’s savvy in personal finance, should make sure to gather as much information as possible on a topic in order to make informed decisions. If you don’t know, research! And one of the best ways to do this is with an ol’ stack of paper we call a book.

So what’s my starter pack? Here’s the list…

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Our Side Hustles: What’s Worked and What Hasn’t

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I’m going to continue our posts on side hustles by sharing with you a few of the side hustles that my wife and I have engaged in. Hopefully these will give you a few ideas if you’re looking to start one of your own!

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Why We Like an Automatic Life

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Our life is hectic. We are busy.

My wife and I both work 40-50 hours a week, we have our own side hustles, we parent 3 kids (6, 4, and <1), and we still aim to have home-cooked meals nearly every night of the week. This isn’t to brag, but more to give you a taste of the, let’s say, condition, of our household.

In the midst of this craziness, we still need to do things to keep life moving, like pay bills, invest, and save. So how do we do it?

We automate as much as possible. We are like financial robots.

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What’s a Side Hustle And Why Would I Want One?

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Ah yes, the old American adage of work, work, work. Fortunately though, work is often rewarded. But nevertheless, there is a lot of discussion these days about having a side hustle: something that’s income generating that’s outside of your primary occupation. In other words, a second job.

Why might you want a side hustle? Let’s discuss:

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NYTimes: When She Earns More

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As I write this post, my wife is at work, on a Saturday, as I corral our three kids at home. Truthfully, we have an active day — kids went to sports practice this morning, put the little one down for a nap, gave my middle child a haircut, and just finished cooking and serving lunch.

By many standards, we have a reverse lifestyle of the traditional family: the Wife does the childrearing while the Husband goes to work to bring home the bacon. However, ours is not a complete flip, since I am not a stay-at-home-dad, instead I work a full-time job. Despite working full time, I would say that my wife’s work is prioritized, because (1) she earns substantially more and (2) her working is necessary for us to satisfy our student loan debt. As such, her job has the weight that a single-income household might have.

With this in mind, you can imagine how I was interested to read the recent NYTimes article entitled: “When She Earns More: As Roles Shift, Old Ideas on Who Pays the Bills Persist

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